Our Teaching Program

Teaching Program was conceptualized because it was observed that a lot of children in government schools have no functional understanding of English and for them the language is just a set of symbols which they copy on to their notebooks. In such circumstances it was imperative to have a system in place that could ensure that children have a functional understanding of the language, which is so crucial for communicating with the world at large. Not having this tool at their disposal would make it difficult for the children to lead a fulfilling life as a lot of opportunities get closed off just because one doesn’t have functional understanding of English.

The organisation has grew and learnt to ensure that the most effective methods are used to reach out to the children and to create a learning atmosphere where the child is internally compelled to learn rather than being forced to do that because of external pressure. In order to do this we worked on developing an experiential pedagogy where the child learns through the experiences she/he has while performing various activities and exercises. In addition to this we provided all our reading material in a bilingual format, i.e. English and the Native Language, along with both transliterations and translations to ensure that the children have complete clarity.

Mission Till Now


English Training Sessions conducted for children across two villages in outskirts of Telangana

Remote Endeavours

Reaching out to schools in remote areas.


Ensuring that the learning cycle does not break during the pandemic