Model of Fellowship

 The fellowship is directed to the youth, in the age group of 20-25, from Marginalized communities, who aspire to work for social change within their community. Once the fellows are on board we train them in the basics of law and policy research in order to build their capacity to engage with the primary problem which their community is facing. The training module for fellows will be individually designed to suit their needs as Individuals.

Workflow for this model includes these steps:


  • Call for Applications to join the fellowship program will be circulated within the city in which Sayukti Collective is functioning (Currently Patna) through social media platforms and through civil society organisations which work with youth in that particular area.
  • Applicants who show genuine interest in learning the various skill sets associated with socio-legal/socio-political research along with having the goal of conducting research within their communities will be selected.
  • Once the fellows have come on board a 4 month training program will start. The program will be molded according to their skill-sets at the time of joining the fellowship. The program will have field based sessions and in-room sessions.
  • Sayukti Collective continuously conducts its own socio-legal research projects. Our attempt is to onboard the fellows in sync with the start of a new project. The research projects form a part of the field based sessions.
  • Through the project the fellow will get hands-on experience of Primary Research, Report Making, and FGDs.
  • The in-house sessions will focus on secondary education, Basic Research Skills, Ethics and Social Responsibility and Basics of Advocacy and Community Outreach.
  • Following that in the last two months the Fellows will have to start working on developing a research project of their own around the primary problem which they identify in their community.

All the aforementioned 9 points will work towards our Goal of building capacity within the community to conduct law and policy analysis.