Our History

In 2015, while pursuing law at National Academy of Legal Studies And Research (NALSAR) Unviersity of Law, P Avinash Reddy and Ananye Krishna started conducting teaching sessions every weekend at an orphanage in Shamripet, Telangana. It was during these sessions that they realized that the children, all of whom attended the nearby Zilla Parishad High School, did not even have a basic understanding of English even though most of them were studying in 7th grade and above. Lack of basic understanding of English language hinders the children from accessing numerous opportunities in higher education and careers and in order to address this language barrier, they decided to conduct teaching sessions, specifically to improve their understanding of English.

Following this, they started conducting teaching sessions at the Zilla Parishad High School, Shamirpet instead of teaching at the orphanage so that they could reach out to a larger group of children. A volunteer group of around 50 volunteers from NALSAR University of Law conducted these training sessions.

They then started teaching at two other Zilla Parishad High Schools located in Pudur and Muneerbad, Telangana from 2018 immediately after incorporating this initiative as a NGO, DEVISE – Developing Inclusive Education. Following this, with the objective of integrating the local youth, parents and the village administration in this process, they established a Community Base for Learning (CuBE) in Muneerbad with the help of the Gram Panchayat in 2019.

Understanding the importance of helping the children in developing a reading habit, a “Reading Room” was then set up in Zilla Parishad High School, Pudur in 2019.

Despite the initial difficulties in administering these sessions, the team is relentlessly working with the objective of addressing the English language barrier faced by the underprivileged children. As long as the underprivileged children are denied access to quality education, by the public education system itself, they will be excluded from accessing various opportunities. Our work, in the form of various activities, strives to ensure that the higher education system and the subsequent professions become inclusive of children from the underprivileged backgrounds.