Documenting Visits,  Shameerpet

5th July 2016

5th July 2016

We reached the Government high school, Shameerpet around 4 pm, only to be informed by a teacher that the students were allowed to leave early because of the rains. We couldn’t find any other teacher within the premises though the school is supposed to be functional till 4:45 pm.
We have finally been provided with the 6th standard English textbook which seems highly inappropriate for these students considering that they have not been taught anything considerable until now. The only reason for their continuous upgradation through the grades is rote learning, aiding them to progress to the higher class without gaining any specific understanding of the language or the context.

On the way back, Kevin Shaji suggested a couple of short term incentive oriented and motivational techniques, which should help us gain the attention and interest of the students In what is being taught to them. One of them being the toffee policy, through which the best students of the day would get some toffees. The other is to highlight the two best students of the class after every month and give them an appropriate reward. We will right away implement both the suggestions and thank Kevin Shaji for his valuable support to this cause.

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