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3rd February 2017

3rd February 2017
ZPHS Shameerpet

Today, we continued teaching Tenses, focus being directed onto the subdivisions of tenses. We decided to go step by step and dealt with the ‘simple’ form of all the three tenses. Angad Kamath discussed all the three tenses and he kept the class engaged by continuously taking inputs from the students. A small group of students were not able to keep up with the class so, Akshya Aryal dealt with them separately. Once the basics were completed, Angad conducted a quiz to make the session even more participative and fun. The Boys team chose to be called “Eagles” while the girls named their team “Butterfly”. Students were given a verb and were asked to figure out the various tenses of that verb in the initial rounds and were asked to make sentences in the final rounds. The class was concluded with this exercise.

We thank Akshya and Angad for an interactive and fun session.

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