Documenting Visits,  Shameerpet

31st January 2017

31st January 2017,
ZPHS, Shamirpet

Firstly, we would like to thank NALSAR Administration for contributing to the cause by providing Notebooks and Pens to the students.

After distributing the Notebooks and Pens among the students we started teaching them Adjectives. Raghu Meka explained what Adjectives are, and further elaborated on it by using numerous sentences. He made them identify the Adjectives from the given sentences and also helped them understand the link between Nouns and Adjectives. Simultaneously, Ananye Krishna explained the topic to students on an individual basis to ensure that everyone was able to grasp what was being taught.We concluded the session by giving chocolates to all of them.

Thanks Raghu Meka, for conducting today’s class and for constantly providing us the much needed support and encouragement.

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