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2nd February 2017

2nd February, 2017,
ZPHS, Shamirpet

The students were taught Tenses in the previous semester but that was confined only to the basics of Past, Present and Future tenses. Developing on this, we ventured into explaining them the topic in detail.

Sathvik helped them understand the sub-divisions of Past Tense and also brought out the fine distinctions between each of them. He used ‘fill in the blank’ exercises to ensure that they were able to understand their application in sentences. The students were then asked to identify the tenses which were being used in different sentences.

Due to the minute variations in the sub-divisions, it was definitely difficult for the students to comprehend them concretely, however, a revision of the same should make it easier for them to remember the distinctions among them.

Thanks, Sathvik! Despite it being your first time today, you did a great job.

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