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2nd August 2016

2nd August 2016

We began with a brief revision of what we had taught about tenses in the previous class. We then made a tabular representation of a set of words illustrating various tenses of those words. To begin with, we gave them a word in its present tense and asked them to come up with its other tenses. We let them try for sometime and then helped them guess the appropriate answers; either directly or through the means of sentences.

While Shaurya Shrivastava dealt with this exercise, Anasuya went about the class making sure that all the children were able to understand the topic. In this process, she came across a girl who was facing some difficulty in writing on her own. It seems like she had just been copying down from the board, without actually understanding anything. So, she was individually dealt with for the rest of the class. In the end when only 8 children were left, we quizzed them individually and tried to clear their doubts, if any.

Later, elder brother of one of the students approached us to ask if he could join the class as well. He did his schooling in Telugu medium and tried to learn English through individual efforts. He couldn’t continue the same due to some unforeseen circumstances but now, he wants to continue learning English. He will be joining us from tomorrow. We finally seem to have embarked upon our journey to promote “inclusiveness”.

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