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29th July 2016

29th July 2016

Today, we adopted an improvised strategy and segregated the students into three groups, where the first group could understand better when taught in Telugu, the second one was comfortable with Hindi and the third group was comfortable with being taught in English.

The first group, handled by Avinash Reddy, was given a revision of the basic parts of speech in Telugu, which was then followed by an introductory session on tenses. Upasana Manoj handled the second group, where she taught them tenses in Hindi and gave numerous examples to ensure better understanding of the topic. Initially, Vaidehi Das tried to teach tenses to the entire class but once we decided to split, she took care of the third group. She taught them tenses and went on to help them with the spellings of certain words.

On a whole, we got them all acquainted with the concepts of past, present, present continuous and future tenses and are planning to build upon the same in the upcoming classes.

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