Documenting Visits,  Pudur

28th July 2017

28th July, 2017
ZPHS, Pudur

‚ÄčIt was observed in the past week that the students faced a lot of problems while spelling basic words. Keeping that in consideration, today’s session focused on spellings and vocabulary. Sunisha Kiran and Ojashwee Kc, who taught class sixth, started out by teaching the spellings of the days of the week. For doing the same, they made use of a worksheet which contained days of the week along with their Telugu translation. Following this, they gave them a matrix of alphabets with some words hidden in it and the children participated very enthusiastically in this activity.

Class seventh students were taught by Kushal Garg and Mrudula Karumanchi. They assisted the students in understanding some basic words, after which, they were made to take attempts at spelling those words. To make the session even more interesting, incomplete words were written on the word and the children were asked to complete them.

We thank our volunteers for conducting today’s session.

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