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28th July 2016

28th July 2016

We reached the school at 4:15 pm, only to find all the students outside the school premises and on questioning them, we found out that school had been dismissed early for them. It was odd to hear this, considering the fact that the teachers are aware that we conduct a class everyday.

Nevertheless, 11 students stayed back for the class. We had scheduled a revision of all parts of speech taught till now and in pursuance of that we gave them sentences to identify the different parts of speech present in them. Pallavi Neha and Sudharshana dealt with small groups of two to three girls who were displaying inability in comprehending even the most basic concepts. Pallavi Neha took up the task of teaching all the concepts to a girl, Shravanti who could not understand anything till now but is very eager to learn. All her classmates gathered around Pallavi Neha, requesting her to teach this girl. Such a gesture from these kids, just added more fuel to her determination to teach all the concepts to Shravanti.

We then initiated an excercise which we plan to weave into our everyday classes. It involves introducing the students to a new word everyday and to teach them its usage. Today’s word was “absent”. Finally, we gave all the students individual homework and brought the class to an end.

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