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27th July 2016

27th July 2016

The students started to leave the school even before we could reach there and on approaching one of the teachers, we were asked to let them leave. Nevertheless, around ten of them stayed back voluntarily and it felt great to know that at least some of them were sincerely interested in learning.

We taught them prepositions today. Following a brief description of the same, Shaurya Shrivastava made good use of the various objects present in the class while explaining the usage of prepositions in the sentences. Since there were very few students, we tried to ensure that every one of them was well versed with the basics.

We then asked them to make small sentences by using various prepositions and then made them identify the other parts of speech present in those sentences. Following this, Mrudula Karumanchi, Shreya Naik and Shaurya Shrivastava split the students into smaller groups and explained the topic in an even more interactive manner.

We then gave a distinct sentence to each one of them, from which they had to identify the parts of speech which we taught them till now. Though most of them were able to identify all the parts of speech, two girls hadn’t grasped the concepts and were unable to identify any of them. We then sat with them and took turns to clarify the concepts and on being satisfied about their understanding, we concluded the class.

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