Documenting Visits,  Shameerpet

27th January 2017

27th January 2017,
ZPHS, Shamirpet

As was done in the previous class, only the interested students were made to stay back for the hour long session. Vaidehi Das began the session by explaining them as to what ‘Verbs’ are. This was then followed by an ‘Identification Exercise’, meant to assist the students in identifying the Verbs in various kinds of sentences. In furtherance of the same, Upasana Manoj was engaged in the framing and writing of the sentences on board, after which each student was given a chance to identify the Verbs occurring in those sentences.

After a while, they were also made to identify the Nouns, Pronouns and Articles that were used in those sentences. Most of them were able to recall their previous sessions, which helped them in identifying those parts of speech easily.

Thank you, Upasana Manoj and Vaidehi Das, for opting to continue teaching with us and for successfully conducting today’s session.

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