Documenting Visits,  Pudur

26th July 2017

26th July 2017,
ZPHS Pudur,

The topic for today’s session was verbs. Class seventh had a simplistic dumb charade session, conducted by Jyothsna Gurumurthy and Parnika Thummalachetty, wherein one child enacted a particular verb which was supposed to be identified by rest of the class. Following this, a set of sentences were given to the children and they were asked to identify the verb in each sentence. In the class sixth, Stuti Shah and Aishwarya Raj started with a brief revision of nouns following which they introduced the concept of verbs to the children. The children were asked to come up to the board and complete sentences using appropriate words.

Children continue to have problems while spelling simple words and we hope to improve the same in the coming days.

We thank all our volunteers for conducting today’s session.

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