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21st July 2016

21st July 2016

We started our lesson on articles by explaining vowels and consonants to the students and by means of examples the students got acquainted with the usage of A and An. On being satisfied about their understanding of the concept, a fill in the blanks exercise was given to them. In course of the exercise, the students were asked to identify the various parts of speech present in the sentences given to them, so as to revise the earlier taught concepts at the same time.

After this, the students were asked to come up to the front and explain their understanding of various parts of speech. On doing this, we realised that almost all the students did not retain the concept of verbs. So, we explained it again and gave them some homework on the same topic.

The class was conducted by Sudharshana and Pallavi Neha and acknowledging that it’s their second time this week, we thank them for their commitment; especially when there is not much time to spare due to the project submissions.

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