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21st January 2017

21st January 2017
ZPHS, Shamirpet

Today’s session was nearly 2 hours long, during which we taught them Articles. Only those students who were interested to learn were made to stay back for the class. Nilav Banerjee started off by explaining where and how Articles are used in a sentence by drawing a distinction between definite and indefinite articles, after which Simran Aggarwal made them understand it by using examples. I was roped in to teach whenever there was a need to translate the sentences into the vernacular.

The students were made to answer some ‘fill in the blank’ questions and chocolates were distributed to the ones who answered them correctly. While we were engaged in teaching the students, Ananye Krishna helped us in maintaining the discipline. Given that the students had never stayed back beyond 5 pm, it was really encouraging to see them stay till 6 pm without complaining much.
Kudos to Nilav Banerjee and Simran Aggarwal for making this possible.

Avinash Reddy

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