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20th July 2016

20th July 2016

We could only reach the school by 4:30 pm because of which the students thought that we won’t be taking the class and went home. Some students spotted us on our way to the school and came back to attend the class and this gentle gesture was enough to make our day. Though there were very few of them, it felt good to know that some of them were really interested in what is being taught.

We taught them conjunctions today and explained their use. We noticed, for the first time, that some of them could understand only when explained in Hindi and some only when explained in Telugu and this lead us to teaching in Telugu, Hindi and English simultaneously. We then split the class into three groups and taught them in the language they were comfortable with. It’s often the case that many students don’t understand the language and eventually lose interest in the subject. Pallavi Dehari and Hemali Sawant helped in reaching out to the most silent and sidelined students of the class and together we revised whatever we had covered till now. Teaching a smaller group of children seemed to be far more easier and efficient as compared to teaching the entire class. We then kept on asking them for examples of different parts of speech, so as to help them understand the difference between them.

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