Documenting Visits,  Shameerpet

20th February 2017

20th February 2017,
ZPHS, Shamirpet

Today’s target for the class was to cover the usage of the words “many”, “much”, “few” and “some”. We started off by giving them statements in which they had to choose between “some” and “many”. Once everyone was comfortable with these two words, we introduced “much” and “few”. Lalit Uma Raj and Shaurya Shrivastava explained them the difference in the usage of these words. Thereafter Arun Nair gave them sentences in which hey had to ‘fill in the blanks’ by choosing one out of the four given terms. Every student was paid individual attention to, and was given different sentences to answer. At the end of the class, each of the students was asked to form a sentence (minimum 7 words) by using much/many/few/some, which most of them correctly did.

We thank Lalit and Shaurya for conducting today’s class.

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