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19th July 2017

19th July 2017,
ZPHS Pudur,

Today we conducted the first class of this semester. ZPHS Pudur being a new school to us, today’s class was meant to gauge the understanding of the students. A combined class was conducted, with class sixth and class seventh students sitting together. The students were divided into two groups, one group was handled by Karan Gupta and Sunil Neelakantan while the other group handled by Sudharshana Rajasekaran and Nilav Banerjee.

We began by inquiring whether all the students knew the alphabets, to which we got a positive response. Following this, we quizzed the children about Nouns and basic spoken English. From our first impression, it seems that most of the students have little grasp over English. Their vocabulary as of now is almost negligible, as most of the students have difficulty understanding words like ‘home’, ‘live’, ‘shirt’ etc. Thus, development of vocabulary will be our objective for the coming few classes.

We thank all four of our volunteers for conducting today’s class.

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