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19th July 2016

19th July

We distributed the notebooks to the children and then taught them adjectives. When we asked the students to note down the definition of adjective, we discovered that some of them were not comfortable in writing in English. Actually, they were unable to write certain letters properly. After helping them out with this, we moved on to conduct an exercise, wherein sentences were given to them to identify the noun and the adjective. This exercise was followed by another one through which students were asked to give one example each of all the five types of nouns and were also asked to come up with an adjective for those nouns. They then formed sentences using those nouns and adjectives.

Since we had two volunteers (Pallavi Neha and Sudharshana) who can speak Telugu, it was a bit more easier to teach them and required minimal intervention from our side. We also tried to ensure that all the students took notes and hope that this will help them retain what is being taught.

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