Documenting Visits,  Shameerpet

19th January 2017

19th January 2017
ZPHS, Shamirpet

With an increased pool of volunteers and a coherent vision, we set off in our pursuit of our objective of improving the quality of education. We began teaching the students of 6th standard who were later joined by some 7th and 8th standard students. Akshya Aryal took the reigns of the proceedings as he wanted to make the class more engaging and interactive. With the help of Pranshu Bharti and PallaviNeha, he made them play a game involving Nouns and Pronouns. The students were very participative and this helped us in carrying on the activity.

It was definitely difficult to manage the students but since this was our first class after a very long period, we did expect such a reaction from them. We do hope that the situation will get better as we continue having classes on a regular basis.

We thank Akshya Aryal, Pallavi Neha and Pranshu Bharti for this fun-filled experience.


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