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18th July 2016

18th July 2016

We started the class by asking the students to present their homework which we gave them in the last class. It was disappointing to discover that none of them had done the work given by us. Later, we did a quick revision of nouns and pronouns, only to note that most of the students were unable to answer the questions completely. The only positive aspect to note was that they were putting in some efforts to answer them. We then started the lesson on verbs. Beginning with a rudimentary definition of verbs, we explained them their usage by giving examples. Once they got acquainted with the concept, they were given various sentences to identify the nouns, pronouns and verbs in them.

After the completion of the class, we decided that the students need to make notes of what we teach them, which they are unable to do as of now due to lack of notebooks. We will be providing them with a notebook each, so as to help them retain what we teach and also to keep track of their attentiveness in the class. It has become a highly excruciating experience to teach and to maintain the discipline of the class at the same time. This is further worsened by the dismal response of the students, depriving us of the only incentive; their response, to continue teaching them.

We thank Abhiraj Thakur for helping us out with today’s class.

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