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13th July 2016

13th July 2016

We introduced the students to the concept of subject pronouns; a sub-category of pronouns. Firstly, the students were explained what a subject is and this helped them understand what subject pronouns are. We gave them numerous sentences from which they had to identify the subject pronouns. Though we initially thought of teaching other types of pronouns as well, we realised that we were complicating the topic a bit too much and decided to teach only the basics of parts of speech without delving into them.
We then asked the students to list out the subject pronouns they had learnt and concluded the class after giving some homework; defining nouns, pronouns and subject pronouns, along with examples.
On a brighter note, one of the teachers “actually” helped us in maintaining the discipline of the class, making it fairly conducive to teach. We thank Mohneesh Rai and Aashutosh Choudhary for conducting the class and also for their valuable suggestions regarding the course structure.

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