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12th July 2016

12th July 2016

We began the class with a brief revision of nouns and then went on to introduce pronouns. After defining what a pronoun is, we explained the purpose of using them while communicating. Later, they were introduced to the most commonly used pronouns and were taught to make use of them in simple sentences. We were unable to cover much ground owing to the disturbance created by the seventh standard students. Initially, they were very curious and expressed their interest in attending the class but when admitted to the class, they kept on interrupting and made it extremely difficult to maintain the flow of the topic. We then concluded the class by having a quick recap of what we taught. After the class, we spoke to a teacher who agreed to help us in maintaining the discipline of the class which should help us conduct the classes in a more efficient manner.
We thank Pallavi Dehari for helping us in conducting the class.

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