Chuharmal Nagar is a locality within the city of Patna. Most of the residents of this locality belong to the Dalit Community. A group of boys, who are in varying stages of their studies, started using an abandoned community room for self-study and to teach the younger children. As we started interacting with these boys, it came to our knowledge that they wish to turn the space into a community library. They wanted to do this because neither the children in their community have access to good schooling because of the poor state of government schools nor do they have a suitable environment to study at home. Sayukti collective joined hands with this group and we are working to towards formalising the space into a proper community library. Sayukti came to know that the children in Ramnagar Kushtashram face the same problems as the children in Chuharmalnagar. On the basis of this observation we proposed the idea of a community library. The idea has been received well and we have started working towards developing a community library in Ramnagar as well as. As a first step we have started conducting play and learn activities with all the children in Ramnagar to gauge their learning levels and learning styles.

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